2017 Resolution

resolutionI have decided that I want to start writing every day. If I want to be a writer, it’s something that I should continuously do and take seriously. Now, this blog will not have a specific topic. The writing is anything in my life: what’s going on and how I’m feeling. It could be my thoughts of the day or ideas. I’m hoping that if I start doing this that my writing will gradually get better or become something. Let’s get one thing straight, my life is not exactly exciting. Also, I have yet decided whether this will be published online or for my eyes only, but if you are reading this, I have obviously picked to posted this online. I am a writer from Maryland. I will be graduating college this May and I’m quite excited. I’m nervous about future responsibilities, though I’m trying not to stress out about the future quite yet. This is the first step to a long journey.

What journey? The journey to a true adult life. I believe you don’t become an adult until after you graduate college. Sure you live at school most of the year, but you are still reliant on your parents. This is the year of change, accomplishments, or failures, at least for me. I figure, baby steps is better than no steps, hence this blog. Every year, I make a new year’s resolution, but I didn’t follow through with it up until 2016. I made a resolution that I would write a summary of my day in a five-year journal I bought in 2015. I completed my first year and will continue this resolution until the journal is completely full. It’s amazing what you can forget in just a year. Only two days into the new year, I have already started reading about what I did that day a year ago. So starting fresh, here are a few resolutions I would like to complete in 2017.

  • Write another year in five-year journal.
  • Start journaling: Blog or personal?
  • Join a gym.
  • Make first payment on student loans.
  • Don’t be the darkness in the world (negative nancy or dark heart).
  • Say yes more/ follow thru.
  • Second tattoo.
  • Read at least seven books (leisure).
  • Save a dollar a day.
  • Graduation pictures.
  • Don’t apologize so much.
  • Volunteer more.

These are just a few, but I think are reasonable goals I would like to accomplish. They are all different: changing in my outlook of life to writing just a word a day. Sometimes, I look at my life and think you can do more or what is really bothering you? Will it matter in the future? So, this is me taking initiative of my life and hopefully making it better. I’m tired of thinking or complaining about the same subjects, so I am making a difference. You are more than welcome to take my resolutions and make them yours. I am creating a jar with folded sticky notes of every activity I have accomplished throughout the year, whether it’s on the list or random accomplishments. At the end of the year, I want to open the jar and look back at what went right, not what went wrong in 2017.


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