Who’s a Good Boy? Not Axel.

What I thought would have been a productive rainy day turned into a tragedy. I woke up later than expected, but I didn’t let that get to me and cleaned the house. After a couple of hours, Axel, my dog, walked up nudging me to take him outside. Usually, we would go for a walk, but the rain had placed a damper in those plans. We walked outside and he did his business, then waiting for me to clip the leash on and get a move on.

                “No, we aren’t going today. It’s rainy. Go potty.”

I saw just the slightest twitch in his neck and he walks to the grass area in the front yard, but hides behind the bushes that blocks my view of him. I walk a couple of steps around the bush to keep him in my eye sight. That’s when he stops and stares at me and starts jogging to the edge of the road.

                “Axel, no…” I said sternly.

He looks out onto the open road and looks back at me for a minute, before taking off. I immediately sprint after him, yelling his name, commanding him to comeback. He stops in his tracks and looks back at me in a pounce position.

                “Axel, come here now.”

Staring back at him with challenge. Which then, he processed to run down the rainy, tree surrounded road. I walk back to my house, hop in my car, and follow the trail where he left me just to find him a half a mile from where he left me. I put my car in park next to him and open the door from the inside. He happily hops in, assuming everything would be dandy. I slammed the door shut and yell.

“What makes you think you can run away from me?!”

He sits and backs his away as far as he could from me. Guilt quickly flooded his wide eyes. Striving back to my house, I grab his collar and dragged him inside the house. Regardless to say, I did want to start running again and he helped me get a jump start, but was is worth getting in trouble for? Sometimes, I wonder what he was thinking pulling a stunt like that? Maybe, he ran away, screaming “FREEDOM!” in his head. That is, if he could or does speak the English language.

Still having writer’s block of physical fitness for the company I currently write for (Varsity Views). Usually, I’m pretty good at coming up with topics, but I’m unsure if it’s just the lack of thought I’m putting into the process, the narrow idea that it has to related back to physical fitness, or I have truly run out of ideas. Eventually, I settled on writing the disappointing Redskins v.s. Giants. By disappointment, I mean on the Redskins end.

Lessons learned today?

  1. My dog believes he’s smart.
  2. I’m not good at coming up with sports related articles.

Gotta love rainy days.


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