An Ambiverts Problem

It’s finally winter. Snow has started to fall from the sky, but people are happy that it has yet to stick and create a disaster. I always look at snow with beauty; every time I talk about the winter season, there’s love in my voice and explaining my love for snow makes me speechless. I think winter in my favorite season because then there’s a real reason to lay in bed, watch movies, and be lazy for the day. If I do this in the summer, people think you don’t have friends or can’t fathom why you are missing such a perfect day. My perfect day is lying in bed and spending time alone.

I’m a huge introvert and I don’t see the problem with being one, until I see friend’s snapchats and they are having lunch or going to a concert, and making memories. I just need a considerable amount of alone time and I’m not sure why. When you have been raise with 6 brothers and sisters, it takes a toll on someone. At least to me it did, but whenever I’m out people always say how “outgoing” I am. I mean I have my moments where I want to go out and party or I’m extra talkative, but my introverted side takes over a lot. Being an extrovert takes a lot out of me.

Well this blog is a real stream of thoughts, but it has been something on my mind. I feel when people meet me they see me as a really funny, outgoing, upbeat person, but that’s not me all the time. Then when I show my introvert side people think I’m a flake or something, but truly I depend on a lot of a lone time. Which I learned the hard way fall 2016, I was always busy running around, going to my internship, sorority events, bars, and hanging out with friends. Half past the middle of the semester, I became irritable, the slightest things people did, got on my nerves or I was always in a bad mood. One night, I finally had down time and I pondered on what was really bothering me and why I was snapping at people. I was scared, I felt like I was losing who I was. I realized that I’ve spent little to no time to myself. I quickly got into my pajamas that night, crawled into bed, and watched Netflix. I cleared my weekend plans, claiming I was sick and I had Friday – Sunday to be alone. It was a dream come true.

I have been thinking about this because I haven’t hung out with friends this winter break, but I don’t have a problem with that. It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with them, the main reason is I’m poor. I need to save my money because I’m not working and it’s just better to stay at home than waste gas (which is more money being burnt). I guess that’s why it wasn’t hard to come up with my page name.


Don’t base someone’s personality on first impressions because their true personalities could be extremely different. When someone is being snappy and angry out of nowhere, don’t assume it’s you. There could be another problem that they have yet to solve and it’s bothering them or they haven’t had the time to figure it out.


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