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The Search

Searching for internships are the worst.

They are tedious. The act of looking on different websites, opening multiple tabs, and reading requirements until you find one that fits your experience and the company’s criteria. I recently read this viral twitter post that explains how applying to jobs/internships online doesn’t actually get you anywhere. The world is solely based on networking; you can only get to where you want to go based on the people you know.

I believe this statement, but I still believe that employers look at the applications sent in through websites:, Look Sharp, and Indeed. So that’s exactly what I did, I spent hours looking for internships that pertain to my major or I have some knowledge in. In the two to three hours I took researching, I only applied to three companies that I liked and hoping they like me equally as much.

I hate having to constantly look for jobs, but I’m going to be super excited when or if I get an email back from a company saying they are interested in me. It’s the best feeling in the world, which is quickly followed with fear and nervousness.

I’m excited to graduate because I will finally get a job without having to worry about leaving. Employers will be more willing to hire me now. I’m happy to make money again because, at the moment, I’m poor, though when I start working, I’m going to hate it, but money is money and needed to live.

I was surprisingly productive today. I didn’t think I had much to do, but I just kept myself busy because I go insane sitting around doing nothing. Axel had been good lately and I cleaned the house like a true housewife.

If I could get paid to sit around or for the activities I do in a day. Man I would be rich.

One day… Maybe.


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