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Overthinking Kills

I know I already skipped a day, but I’m sick and I didn’t do anything but watch movies yesterday. I could review the movies that I watched, but I feel like I have been talking about Netflix a lot lately. Which today’s post will not contain a lot either.

Today was a bit more productive. I talked to a couple of friends and made plans to hang out with a few. One specific friend has recently been getting on my nerves a lot. I would consider her one of my closest friends. Her personality has been change. It bothers me because she tells me she doesn’t want to be the girl that changes because some stuff in her life is different, but that is exactly what she is doing. I can’t go into too much detail because it’s personal and I would rather broadcast my business yet.

It’s hard to be around hypocritical people because this has happened to me before with another friend, which she knows about, and she’s doing the same thing. Maybe, she doesn’t know she’s doing it and I don’t want to call her out because people drift apart from each other all the time.


Maybe it’s just me overthinking the situation.


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