Exes Stay in the Past

This day has to be the weirdest day for me. My cousin and I had scheduled time to hang out with a guy, who has been asking to hang out with us for a while. This guy is my cousin’s family friend, someone who you have known for a long time, so they are basically family, and my ex-boyfriend. So we found it weird that he was so adamant about going to the movies with us. We didn’t want to go, but we couldn’t tell him to fuck off because he is still family to her, even though they aren’t close.

When the time finally arrived for the movie to start. It was unsettling to be around him and it made me not want to be there even more. Luckily, we didn’t need to talk a lot because I need more people asking “what are you doing with your life?” The movie wasn’t very good and after, we all said our goodbyes. My cousin and I, of course, went out for drinks after, which was about the best part of the night. What we thought was, why did he want to hang out so bad if all we did was say like five words to each other, watched the movie, and leave?

I didn’t see the point in having this night, so I was determined to get to the bottom of it. I texted the guy from my cousin’s phone asked.

“Why were you so awkward?”

“Why did you want to hang?”

Forgetting about how oblivious he is, he texted back saying that he’s just an awkward person and that he wanted to hang out with people he missed. I don’t know. The last time I hung out with him we were dating. Also, at first we ended on good terms, then I tried again with him and he messed up, so therefore I’m treating him like all my other ex-boyfriends. Erased, from my mind and life. So, I find this whole thing weird that he missed hanging out with his ex-girlfriend. When in my head, we aren’t friends.

I wish people understood the terms of exes. They are exes for a reason and are supposed to stay in the past. Unless, the people have come to an agreement and are cool. I am not one to be friends or hang out with any of my exes especially if the relationship didn’t end well. I regret going to the movies, but I knew that I would after.

At least, I had beer to look forward to at the end of the night.




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