Book Review

Book Review: Amy Schumer

I have finished The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo! It was such a good book.

I always saw myself reading her book, I just needed to find the time to buy it and read it. If you are looking for a funny, entertaining book to read, I highly recommend this book. She goes into detail about her private life. She covered stories from her parent’s divorce and troubles, her dating life, and gun violence.

Amy Schumer is a comedian and she has worked really hard to get where she is today. Some of her sex parts are vulgar in description, but that’s just who she is. Most of the book felt as if she was telling it on stage. You could really hear her voice and see her doing the crazy stuff she has done. My favorite part of the entire book is the chapter she dedicated to Mayci and Jillian. She explained how these beautiful young ladies went to watch Trainwreck, July 23, 2015, in Lafayette, Louisiana and a man shot and killed both of them and injured nine other people. She didn’t mention the shooters name because she doesn’t “believe in giving mass shooters their moment in the sun” (pg. 275). I won’t go into detail because I really want people to read her book, but she talks about how not many people would like reading this part of the story because she serious. I think that’s what I like most about the chapter, the chapter isn’t her usual funny jokes. This is something that she is really passionate about and want to grab people’s attention. She did it because it haunts her everything that it happened in her movie and it could have been avoided if guns were under stricter rules. There are other serious parts in the book, but this part stuck out at me the most and really hit me hard in the feelings.


Also, I wanted to share some quotes I enjoyed while reading the book.

  • “I’m glad I struggled. I think I’d be an asshole if my money were anything other than the ‘new’ kind” (pg. 36).
  • “Nobody can be innocent and wise at the same time” (pg. 80).
  • “You can’t shame us or label us anymore” (pg. 211).

She gave some hints that she might want to write another book. I hope she follows through because I would definitely purchase that book too. You get to learn a lot about Schumer: who she is and  why and how she became the person she is today.

I recommend that people take the time out to read her story. Some of her struggle could be struggles that you have face or are facing. Amy Schumer does a lovely job of making sure that you know you are not alone.

**The images come from her book.**



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