Movie Review

“The Bye Bye Man” Movie Review

Yesterday, I watched “The Bye Bye Man” in theaters and I wanted to say my thoughts on the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t anything spoiled, I would NOT recommend reading on.

The movie is about a man named the bye bye man. You have to avoid saying and thinking his name or else he comes after you. Therefore, goes the saying “don’t think it, don’t say it.” The people who know the man’s name start to hear noises like coins dropping or a train rolling by. The people hallucinate because the bye bye man is getting inside their heads. The only way to get rid of him is to kill everyone who knows and yourself before he gets to you.


I thought the movie had an interesting plot. It all started with the college party and Elliot’s, the main character, girlfriend, Sasha, and best friend, John, were dancing together. The Elliot claims that he’s not the jealous type. After the party, he goes to his room and hears a coin drop. He opens the nightstand and repeatedly written on the inside of the drawer is “don’t think it, don’t say it.” When he peeled off the paper lining, the bye bye man’s name was engraved in the nightstand. Later that night while the Elliot and Sasha were sleeping, Elliot heard another coin drop. Sasha woke up, but he reassured her that everything was okay. He said he loved her and she replied “I love you John.”

Elliot goes insane thinking that his best friend and girlfriend are hooking up and he starts to hear other noises like scratching. The bye bye man gets more inside Elliot’s head, he starts seeing things that aren’t real and swapping people. Swapping people meaning Elliot thought Sasha was John and John was Sasha.

In the end, Elliot accidentally kills his girlfriend, kills another person, and commits suicide. The house catches on fire; the police make it to the house and the only person, who survives is John. The police ask John who caused the damage and he coughs “The Bye Bye Man.” The police found a piece of furniture from the fire and it just so happens to be the nightstand.

The movie was well told and it was easy to follow; I wasn’t confused at all. The places where the man was messing with Elliot’s thoughts were really good and the twist at the end of when he tried to kill John, but instead killed Sasha was mind blowing.

I only wish the movie was scarier. The bye bye man wasn’t as scary as they portrayed him to be and, in a way, looked funny with the scars on his face. The hound that stood by his side was scarier than the him.

I can see this movie on Netflix someday. The rating as two and a half to three stars, who am I to say what the rating is because I’m not a reviewer. Wouldn’t that be the perfect job! I already watch Netflix enough. Viewer can/should wait until the movie hits Redbox, I had a free movie ticket, so I didn’t regret seeing it in theaters.



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