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Patience is a Virtue

What was supposed to be a snowy day turned out to be just rain. I’m not complaining, I still went about my day, walked my dog in the rain, and continued daily life. I like rainy days. I get to stay in my room and be lazy. Rainy days seems to slow time down and makes you relax. Maybe, it’s the gentle color of gray.

My family went bowling to break the lazy day feelings, which turned out to be really fun. The arm muscles, I don’t use on the daily, could have used some exercise. That reminds me, I will be pretty sore tomorrow. We only played two games, though I was quite proud of myself because the first game I bowled a 114 and the last game I bowled a 120. My goal is to always break 100, I don’t care if I lose or win. In this case, I won first in both games. Not to brag.

The rest of the day consisted of board games: Family Feud, Battleship, and Outburst.

Does anyone else have the problem, when you are playing a game and just have little patience for people who ask to many questions before someone can explain the rules?

I have a couple of family members who are quick to ask questions before someone is able to answer or explain how the game goes; it drive me insane! I have such little patience as it is, so when it comes to that stuff, I just flip like a switch and I’m pissed.

Also, I hate when people talk over you when you are trying to ask a question or make a suggestion. Let’s just say that if I know the game, I should problem walk out of the room until people are ready to start or not play.

My list of pet peeves, it’s outrageously long. One day, I will sit and gather all the things that drives my patience to the ground. This girl right here gets bitter over the littlest things. It has been something I have been working on, but sometimes it slips and I just can’t help it. Tonight happens to be one of those nights and I realize, too late, how ridiculous I was being, but it’s too late to take it back now.

I wish I could turn back time, but I can only move forward and make sure it doesn’t happen again.


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