Accomplished Resolutions

Nothing happened today. So instead of giving you a long story about the same activities I do daily, I thought that I will do a checklist of what I have accomplished on my New Year’s resolution list.

  • Write another year in five-year journal.
    • The journal is up to date. Been pretty good at writing something a day.img_4168
  • Start journaling: Blog or personal?
    • Obviously I started an electronic blog and I can’t be happier about it.
  • Join a gym.
    • I’ll join a gym after I graduate.
  • Make first payment on student loans.
  • Don’t be the darkness in the world (negative Nancy or dark heart).
    • I have been getting better at taming my anger, but I still need to work on my patience.
  • Say yes more/ follow thru.
  • Second tattoo.
    • When I get back to school in three weeks!
  • Read at least seven books (leisure).
    • Now I have to read six books.
  • Save a dollar a day. Every dollar I come across.
    • I haven’t done a dollar a day because I don’t work, so I’m doing every dollar I come across.
  • Graduation pictures.
  • Don’t apologize so much.
    • Doing pretty well.
  • Volunteer more.

Also, I did follow through will making an accomplishment jar! I love it and can’t wait until the end of the year and see what I have completed.


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