Flashing Lights

I have been pretty busy with babysitting. Yes, I’m finally making some money!! Again, this will be a short post, but this post will be an appreciation post. I feel like there’s more negativity in my writing because it’s easier to focus on the bad events. So, I wanted to share what made me smile.

I was driving by open fields and trees lining the road on my way home. I was jamming to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” song, when a car driving on the other side of the road flashes their high beams at me four times. I squint from the bright light and slow down. Everyone knows that when someone flashes their lights they are warning you: whether it’s cops, car crashes, or animals. In this case, the driver was warning me that there were six deer on the left side of the road, crossing to the right. I let all the deer that weren’t skeptical of crossing the road before I continued my drive home.

I appreciate people who warn others about what’s coming up ahead. These people turn my day completely around. It brings my spirits up that people are making a difference even if it’s the tiniest gesture. If he/she didn’t warn me I could have hit a deer and totaled my car, or swerved and hit a tree or car. He/she saved me from what could have been a terrible situation that my broke bank account  wouldn’t be able to pay.

It’s something small, but I love it. I love people helping others, I’m not saying compassion is dead, but it is hard to find or people take it offensively when you are just trying to be helpful. So thanks to the person who looked out for my car and my well-being. Keep it up!


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