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Suffer Love — Book Review

Suffer Love by Ashley Herring Blake is a romance book about a boy name Sam and a girl named Hadley. Sam moves to a new town after a huge family secret is revealed. He starts school and meets Hadley, who has a reputation of being a tease, but she is really trying to find comfort in being wanted. When Sam gets to know her more, he realized they have more in common than he expected.

This book was a good, easy read; I am a romance novel fiend. I am one of those suckers that will continually read the new released novels even though they basically all have the same plot. The romance in the seems more realistic. When they first met, it was super awkward and they didn’t know how to express their love for each other. The awkward stares, the questionable actions, and the strange attraction was too relatable. Some of the awkward moments are cringe worthy and will make reader laugh to help settle the nerves inside. One part of the book has a huge twist, but I’ll leave that for you to read.

The only downside is the plot was predictable. Once you read the first chapter, you already knew what was going to happen at the end of the book or how the climax was going to happen.

I have read so many romance novels in my life, I feel I could guess the end of all books, but I think it’s the excitement of new love that makes the book a page turner. I also have to give it a little slack because it is a young adult books and young teen between 16-18 years of age tend to make small issues bigger than they actually are.

If you are looking for something quick to read, then I recommend this book. I would only lend this book to readers who love romance as much as me. If I was going to give it a star rating; it would probably land as two stars. It didn’t challenge me enough and it didn’t allow me to question the characters or plot. What I mean by challenge I mean, the book was short and simple. It was straight to the point in exception of the one twist, which is the reason I gave the book two stars. The plot was too predictable that I was just reading it to ensure that the book would end and the characters reacted in the way I expected them to.

This is a hard critique of the book, but it is my honest thought and everyone will have their different opinions. I still continue to purchase romance novels because I enjoy sappy love stories that remain as fantasies.


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