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Underestimating Myself

Again, I have been sick these past couple of days. Meanwhile through these sick days, I was able to file my taxes. I only filed for the one month I worked in 2016 before I quit my job at Chipotle. Long story, I’m not going to get into details because it’s in the past and I’m not longer bitter about the situation.

I filed my taxes the other day, which wasn’t too bad for me. It’s just tedious and the paper work sucks, but luckily, I don’t have a lot to file because my parents still claim me and I don’t have a real job yet.

In other news, I will be going back at school in a week and I’m feeling a little bittersweet. I’m starting my last semester in seven (well more six) days. I hope that this semester is full of fun and adventures that I intended it to be.

Some good news, I write for a company called Varsity Views; they publish articles on sport and fitness. I contribute fitness articles because I’m more interested in fitness than sport themselves. Anyway, I was excited to hear that the latest article I published had made the website’s front page! I’m ecstatic that my article was good enough to grasp the boss’s interest. I’m skeptical about my articles, I’m not sure skeptical is the right word, but I never think my article are good enough. I think that other people’s articles are better than me, though sometimes it’s true. I get excited when my articles get recognition and I’m very grateful.

I’ll place a link below to the Varsity Views site.

I’m doing more internship searching for the rest of today. I hope to get a nibble somewhere.

I think that’s it as an update on my life. I figured it’s hard to write an article every day when 1. I don’t do anything exciting, 2. I don’t have deep thoughts all the time, and 3. Life happens.


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