iPhone 7 and Costco

This will be another random post that bounces around. I like to write about stuff that comes to mind.

So first off, I want to talk about the best store ever made. You can walk in this store hungry because they have samples you can fill up on and then shop. This store is called Costco. If you aren’t from Maryland or live somewhere within the state, you might have a similar store that is called something else: Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club. Yeah, these are the most amazing stores ever built because they have large packaging of everything you could possibly think of at a lower price than the grocery store. And again, THEY HAVE SNACKS! Who doesn’t want to walk into a store and have employee shoves samples your way? I think it’s a dream come true because seriously food is my life. The only issue is how much other people love the store as well, the crowds are no joke. There’s nothing like a couple of thrown elbows that would help solve this problem though.

Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Washington, DC to visit/ babysit family. I love that city, but only in small doses. I’m more of a suburbs gal. I like the quiet neighborhood and being far enough from shopping centers that I escape the chaos. It will be nice to see more extended family, than the immediate I see every day. A change of scenery and hanging out with a dog that’s not yours is awesome.

Yesterday, I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 7. I really didn’t want the 7 because once I’m comfortable with a device, I want to keep it forever or until it actually breaks, but I was switching to a new phone company and they couldn’t take my 6s, therefore resulting me to get the 7. It’s not bad. I like how the screen is the same size as the 6, but I know once I start to listen to music through my headphones, that’s when I’m really going to hate it. Other than that, it still feel like I have my 6s.

I currently have five more days until I return back to school. *Sings* IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!

Also, it always seems like when you need the most time, that’s when life wants to get busy.


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