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I got my second tattoo! If you live in Montgomery County, Maryland and looking to get a tattoo on the spot, I highly recommend going to Tattoo Paradise. They take walk-ins and are very professional. The employees were friendly and gave good tattoo care advice, the shop is clean, and the atmosphere is calm. The pricing wasn’t bad either, I paid less for the book than I did for my palm tree. They do their tattoo pricing based on detail and position.

My book tattoo is on my wrist. For me it reminds me to continue to do what I love and don’t give up or discourage. It resembles chapters in my life and my love for books. I am absolutely obsessed with this tattoo and very happy of the results.

My palm tree tattoo is on my ankle that reminds me of the beach, where I feel most calm, and to travel. Also, I got this tattoo last year at a different place.

I can’t tell which one hurt the most because the first tattoo, I think, is the worst because it’s your first time and the pain might have heightened because of your worry, but to me the pain is bearable.

I chose these positions because they are easy to cover for a job interview or a job with watches and sleeves. These are the only ones I’m going to have for now. I want one on my back, but that’s more expensive and my high for a new tattoo has worn for now.

In other news, I also made Dean’s list at my school, which I’m very proud of.

Two more days until I go back to school.


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