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Split Movie Review

This is really late, but I went (Thursday, January 26 to be exact) and watched Split, so here’s my review.


The actors chosen were perfect to play the roles and the ending was hard to predict.

I will not give anything away, but the main character with multiple personalities was too good. At times, I thought that it was true. The fact that this is real and the possibility that a person is capable of doing a horrendous act makes the movies that much more suspenseful.

I don’t have an in depth review of the movie, but just watch it. Words cannot express how much I liked the movie.

Just an update:

  • My last semester has started and my classes don’t seem too bad. The only class that I’m worried about is my Earth System History class, but I’ll just put more effort and attention in this class than the others.
  • Now that I’m back at school, I’m actually excited to leave this place.
  • I’m always tired.
  • To be honest, I’m actually missing home just a little (already).

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