My introverted side has been showing a lot lately. I want to detach from the world. I want to hide and just stay in my room. I’m not sure why I feel this way, but I do.

My birthday just passed and my family came up to visit me at my school. I really missed them and it has only been two weeks into the semester. The senioritis has hit me hard these past couple of days and all I want to do is graduate.

What’s hard about being an introvert and an extrovert is people see you go out and become very social, then you flip like a switch to a person who is quiet and private. It throws people off and they don’t know what to do or say.

Going back to being an introvert, so this past weekend has been an adventure of driving to the outlets about an hour away from my school. it felt nice to escape the pressures of homework and my future. It’s been a dream come true, but I feel like I have lost my place in life. Where I feel at most myself is when I’m home with my family and I’m ready to go get the sense of home again.

I love college. It’s great and I have created a lot of memories, but I think I have come to the end of my journey and I’m ready to go create other memories elsewhere.



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