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Disorder Discovery

I swear I have Mesophonia or Sensory Processing Disorder.

I have noticed lately that I become very irritated when I’m around certain people while they eat. I don’t mean the quiet eaters who keep their mouths closed. I’m saying the loud chewers, open mouthed, and just mouth sounds. I get so agitated with the lip smacking and the sound of food mushing around.

Of course, I researched why I’m so angry around these people. I thought it had something to do with me and for some odd reason I can’t cancel it out or i’m just an angry person. When I say it’s an issue, I not only get angry and begin to fidget, I  have an outburst of either me walking away from the situation or I let my anger out on the person telling them to keep their mouth shut.

OH! What really gets on my nerves… when people talking while there is still food in their mouths. It’s like their thoughts can’t be contained and pushing the food to their cheek is good enough. NO! I can hear you smacking your lips together to keep your food to the side. Food particles are flying out of your mouth because this irrelevant thought just can’t wait until you swallow.

Mesophonia isn’t only chewing or food related sounds, it could be regular sounds like heavy breathers, tapping on a keyboard, humming, water bottles being squeezed, and more.

If you are like me and feel like you are getting aggravated with simple everyday noises there is a chance that you have this disorder. Don’t feel bad. It only took me 22 years of outburst to figure this gem out.


2 thoughts on “Disorder Discovery

  1. “Quiet please…” is a documentary about Mesophonia that might be of interest. Am proud to say I helped fund it on Kickstarter. 🙂


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