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Books, Interviews, and Car Problems

First off, let me just get this off my chest… It’s finally spring break! Well I’m writing this in the middle, but man, am I happy to be out and away from my campus. I’m ready to graduate! And that is about the thousandth time I have said that and I will say it some more. All the seniors out there, high school or college, can agree with me when I say, it’s time to go.

I went to the glorious Barnes and Noble where life makes sense and nothing ever goes wrong. Except for the small whine from my bank account because I can’t pick between the three or four books I have in hand. Well, at least I have this problem all the time, which gets me in trouble, but I tell my mom: I would rather spend my money on books than let’s say the extreme: drugs. I finally bought the P.S. I Still Love You book because bookstores seem to only want to sell it in hard back and personally I prefer paper. My second investment is this book called The Replacement Crush and if you have read the past blogs I have written, OF COURSE THESE ARE ROMANCE BOOKS! I have also started reading The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and The Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Recently, my school had Tibetan monks visit and they created sand art in our library. The project took about five days to complete, meanwhile they were selling jewelry, tapestries, and books from their temple. The book caught my attention and I noticed that it’s everyone’s goal in life to find happiness and where to start other than with the most joyful people on earth. Let’s see if it could help me on my journey to happiness because lord knows I could use some. I will most likely be writing a review on the book as well.

I’m still keeping up with my New Year’s resolution of writing in my journal and filling the jar with my achievements for the year, so I’m excited to see how that goes, though I have been lacking on the blog, but sometimes it’s hard to put extra stress on myself when class work can easily pile up.

My car needs maintenance again. She is a 2001 Toyota Corolla named Lucille. Yes, I love old names and it took me about five years to figure it out. The maintenance isn’t a lot I just have to get knew belts and according to the guy that changed my oil, I have an oil leak. I don’t know how realistic that is because some mechanics are just trying to get your money, but my brother said he would look at it on Friday. Let’s hope that everything is in tiptop shape after that again.

Some of the jobs I applied for at the beginning of the semester are now getting back to me. It’s exciting to know that these companies are looking at my resumes and considering me. I don’t have a bad resume or anything, but there are always other students who are more experienced. I’m just waiting for the day that I can finally say I have a full-time job. If I could say even a part-time would be a blessing. I do want to give a fair warning to people out there who are in my position. If you get interviewed and it’s sounds or looks sketchy makes sure you do your research on the company. I recently had a questionable interview and I’m still keeping them in mind, but when or if another opportunity presents itself, I will quietly let them know that I will be declining the position. So be on the look out!

The movie list is supposed to be a monthly thing, so that will be up soon. I have watch really good suspenseful movies on Netflix and I hope you guys enjoy them.

I thinks that’s all! Ta ta for now.


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