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Locked Out

There seems like I can’t go a week without something eventful happening in my life.

It was a rainy afternoon. I spent the day inside classes and worked two hours straight on my ceramics project and all I wanted was a new book to read. I traveled to the bookstore closest to my university and I was able to get a FREE book. I was so excited; I’m skipping to my car and realize my keys weren’t in my pocket. Instinctively, I run to my car and check inside. Sure enough, my keys were sitting on the passenger seat, locked inside.

I looked up and called the closest service to help me and I waited in the pouring rain. An hour goes by and I dialed the service to ask how much longer; they said just a couple of minutes. Thirty minutes passed before I call them again and the lady over the phone said the truck would be at my destination in five minutes. Ten minutes goes by before the truck finally arrived.

My car is a 2001, so you have to press hard on the switches for my car to lock and unlock and the button is the opposite (up is lock, down is unlock). The lady, who is trying to help me, isn’t pressing down hard enough on the passenger side, so she switches to the driver’s side. The locks don’t budge. She asked if she pulled the handle, will the door unlock. I said No.

Then, a pedestrian comes around and tries to help. I had to reiterate what I told the lady about my car. So, he starts yanking on my door handle trying to unlock my door. Yes I already told the stranger that it would not work. Finally, I asked the lady if sliding the keys through the jarred door would work. She loops my key with a rod and slide the key out and I was able to get inside my car.

I am so mad, I paid for their service just for me to give them advice about their job.


  1. Never leaving my keys in my car again.
  2. Never calling that company for help again.
  3. People should pay me to get their keys out of their car.

But on the plus side, I did get a free book.

Ta ta for now.


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