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I’m Lazy

Hello my beautiful readers!

It has literally been a month since my last entry and I have no excuse for the lack of content on my blog. I’M JUST LAZY!

So, I will trying to post more in May, but I’m not sure how likely that is because I’M GRADUATING! I am so happy that it is almost here! This last month is going to drag on and my professor have given me the last of my assignments which is piling.

I recently had the best weekend than I had in a long time. My cousin took me out a bar in Bethesda called Tommy Joe’s. It was amazing! The room was full of amazing people, who were sweet and fun, the D.J. played throwback and today’s music, and the atmosphere was light and no one got in a fight or argument! It was amazing! Probably the best night I ever had going out! College is fun for the first couple of times going out, but then it gets old and colleges students are stupid. Fighting and arguing while under the influence is useless because no one is going to remember what was said and how it started. Anyway, you get the gist.

I’m still job hunting, and I didn’t expect it to be short, but it’s a lot of work. Looking for jobs, then narrowing down to the companies that match your resume, and then restarting the process all over again. I think my favorite website to search on is ZipRecruiter because once you turn in your application, it tells you when the company had looked at your resume and how many times they looked.

Most of my post have been just updates on my life and I would like to write about subject that I am passionate about, but I can’t think of any at the moment. Hopefully, I can think of something because my life is boring. I should be posting the newest Netflix movies for April.

Until then, ta ta for now.


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