Life · Rant

A Few Things That Bother Me.

  • People who chew to loudly, or chew with their mouths open.
  • People who make last minutes plans.
  • People who ask questions about an object or game before someone can explain about it.
  • When someone leaves or turns on unnecessary lights.
  • Beating around the bush (metaphorically).
  • Hypocrites.
  • Loud drinkers (swallows).
  • People who ride your bumper.
  • People who can’t drive, especially people who don’t know how to merging.
  • Being interrupted.
  • No personal space.
  • Eating off my plate! NEVER EAT OFF MY PLATE!
  • People who talk during movies (Especially, ones I have never seen).
  • People who think their opinions matter.
  • When people don’t pick up their feet while walking.

Just a few I could think of comment your pet peeves or peeves!


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