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To the Best Friend

People always say, “The best relationship you could have is with your best friend.” When I say relationship, I mean romantically, but there seems to be the hard part of what if you both decide to give it a try and in the end it doesn’t work out.  Then, there could be the lost of a good friend.

I know there are people who are able to get through that and still be friends, but knowing my personality, I know that the relationship could never be the same after. Also, I have seen first hand a best friend relationship tear apart after trying to be in a couple.

I have known my best friend for four years and we have always confined in each other. There are times people have told us that we would look cute together, there is something between us,  and we should give it a try. I, being oblivious, always shook it off because that’s my best friend. It’s not like I never thought of the possibility, but I have always stopped myself because I love what we have right now.

Recently, we both talked about it and agreed that we have thought of giving it a try, but again don’t want to ruin our friendship, and we are about to graduate, so the distance would be another obstacle. The conversation was short, but I’m glad we discussed it instead of never knowing. We still stand as friends, but unknowing of the future still.

I’m not saying it’s unresolved because we know where we stand, but it’s difficult because know it’s so fragile and since we are both about to graduate and about to start our lives, maybe right now isn’t the right time. I guess the difficult part is finding out when is the right timing.

This is something I have given a lot of thought about since we talk about it on Saturday, May 6. For now though, I’ll continue pondering on the possibilities but with a cup of wine in my hand.

Ta ta for now.


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