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College Graduate

As you must know, because I constantly talked about the event in past post, I finally graduated from college! I was so happy to walk across that stage and I took pictures and everything was good.

My mother and I went to the gas station to get snacks for the road. She gently leaned over and gave me the tightest hug and told me she was proud. That is the moment I cried. The tears uncontrollably streamed down my face and I couldn’t hold myself together. I gave my mother quick kisses, hopped in my car, and drove home.

The entire drive home I cried randomly, thinking of all the good times and all the friends I won’t see as often. How college has shaped me to be the “adult” I want to be. I say “adult” because I still need time to get my life together, find a job, and start paying bills.

For memories, I always thought of the bad things that happened in college and thought why would I ever miss this? Of course now thinking back, I seem to only remember the laughter, mentors, and adventures. Only two weeks out of school, I already miss my girls that would force my grandma of a personality to go to the bar, my roommates late night talks and wine nights, and laying on the library balcony staring up at the stars at 4 AM.

I never believed people when they say I’m going to miss college. Now I definitely know what they mean, though I’m glad to have the experience both in memory and some written form. Knowing I won’t being going back to college in the fall is weird but that just means I have to visit sometime.

Ta ta for now.


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