The End of the Line for Lucille

For the last couple of days, I have been given the honor of staying in Washington, D.C. for the next week or so because I am watching a family’s dog but boy, am I being spoiled. I get a home to myself, farmer’s markets around the corner, and I get to take care of something I love most in this world: dogs.

I don’t have much to talk about because all I have done these last couple of weeks is work. I’m not complaining because money is slowly getting back in my account, but it’s bad IMG_3848when I understand why people need a beer after they get off work.

My latest struggle is Lucille breaking down the other week. For those to you who don’t know or if I hadn’t made it clear, Lucille is my car and she is 16 years old. I have needed to get some parts fixed and replaced for awhile, but the timing didn’t match up. I started working at my job and my dog sitting business took off.

So when it happened, I just left from a clients house and I stopped by the grocery store to get taquitos and movies. I hopped back in my car, reversed, then I heard a pop. Scared, I parked the car and looked underneath, but didn’t see anything out of the blue.

The house I was staying at wasn’t far, so I was going to drive there and take a closer look at her. NOPE!

I took a right turn and was waiting in the left turn lane of an intersection when another loud pop occurred and she complete stopped moving. So, I tried to reserve; wouldn’t budge. Of course, I did everything you do after: called my insurance, got a tow, and waited.

I found out my breaks locked up and in result now I need to replace the break pads and rotors, but also I need to fix an oil leak. I’m not upset because I know this was bound to happen, but I’m hoping she will be back on the road soon because I miss driving her.

Your first car is always the best and the hardest to lose.

I hope you enjoy the picture of my view. I plan on basking it in as much as possible.

Ta ta for now.


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