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It’s so hard to keep up with my writing when life gets busy, but there is an upside and downside to this. Downside: I used to write a lot to escape; upside: I don’t need to escape because I love the way my life is going right now.

The shelter, I started back in June, is going great. They are starting to give me more hours and double shifts, so I’m saving up for the dreaded end of my grace period. I am also saving up for the trip I have booked to Costa Rica next year!  This will be my first time outside of the U.S. that I will need a passport, which just came in the mail. I have never had a passport before, so it really put everything into reality.

I booked the trip through College Break. Which is a website for ages 18-28 and you can travel around the world and do various excursions all for one price. The price includes flight, hotel, some food accommodations, and everything you will be doing on the trip. The best part is you don’t have to pay the entire price up front; they allow travelers to start a monthly or bi-weekly payment! When the trip comes up I will write a review of what I thought about the whole system, trip, and, of course, Costa Rica.

My brother is now a firefighter in Virginia Beach and my family and I are so proud. It was a beautiful pinning ceremony and exciting to learn where he will be stationed. He used to be in the Navy, but he learned that it’s not what he wanted to do after all and found something new. It was also just nice to see and catch up with him. I only visit him about once a year since he in VA beach and I live in Maryland and our busy schedules are relentless.

Lucille, my car, is still immobile. Naturally, she would have been up and moving by now, but my father hasn’t fixed her up because he just doesn’t feel like it.

This is a small update for now. I have a busy schedule of caring for animals today, but I will be posting something shortly after this one.

Ta ta for now.


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