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Resolution Update

Also here’s an update of my resolution accomplishments!

  • Write another year in five-year journal.
    • The journal is up to date. Been pretty good at writing something a day.
  • Start journaling: Blog or personal?
    • This blog is going well, thought I wish I posted more. C’est la vie.
  • Join a gym.
    • I have yet to do this, but my money is going towards loans which I think is more important.
  • Make first payment on student loans.
    • YES! It felt like it didn’t make a dent at all.
  • Don’t be the darkness in the world (negative Nancy or dark heart).
    • I have gotten better! I think it helps that I work at a job I like. Life turned out different than expected but in the best way.
  • Say yes more/ follow thru.
    • Check
  • Second tattoo.
    • I have gotten my second tattoo!
  • Read at least seven books (leisure).
      • The Replacement Crush By: Lisa Brown Roberts
      • I’ll Give You the Sun By: Jandy Nelson
      • Every Last Word By: Tamara Ireland Stone
      • P.S. I Still Love You By: Jenny Han
      • Emancipated By: M.G. Reyes
      • The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo By: Amy Schumer
  • Save a dollar a day. Every dollar I come across.
    • I have been getting good at this.
  • Graduation pictures.
    • Check
  • Don’t apologize so much.
    • I find myself slipping back into this habit.
  • Volunteer more.
    • Haven’t done any because I need money. Once I have steady money, I’ll hopefully start volunteering

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