I’m watching my aunts dog for the week. The day I started, my aunt was getting ready to leave for the airport. She was asking how my life had been going. I brought up that my car was running again and how much I missed driving her.

She laughed. “I think it’s so funny how we get so attached to our cars.”

I just laughed and shrugged it off, but I actually gave it some thought and I am attached to the technology I own, but not like how I am with my car.

I love my old laptop, phone, and PlayStation. I wouldn’t be upset if either of them broke, but when my car stopped, I felt uneasy.

My aunt and I continued to talk about why we loved our cars so much: You know how it drives, its personality, and its comfortable. Or even smaller things you love about your car: the windshield wipers brush at the right time to clear the rain, the armrest is at the perfect height and position, and the visors perfectly block the sun every time.

What we have establish is we love our cars because of the trust we put in it. We always think My car would never hurt me. We all think that our car will never put us in harms way. I always raved how my car could have broken down at anytime: on the highway or in the middle of an intersection, but instead my car stopped at a red light out of the way of crowded traffic.

Of course, our car is designed to protect us, but we act as if its our personal bodyguard. It astounding to believe that our trust in technology is crazy high despite the news reports of major car accidents killing or injuring lives. I realize that most accidents are because of humans because we are one controlling the vehicle.

I don’t know. It is crazy how attached people are to their possessions.

I know my car won’t last forever because she is already 16 years old, but I will keep driving her until she literally can’t anymore. That will also be a sad day because it will be hard to find a car that is up to her reputation.

Like if you think of your car the same way.

Ta ta for now.


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